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Upgrades Dont Work!

First of all, this app takes good sound bytes, but trying to get them out of the app, good luck! I upgraded in order to export files and the upgrade did not have the original files. No biggie, so I re-recorded in the new app... (Fail) Each time I try to export the file to Dropbox or email, etc Im asked to upgrade. Dont waste your $ or your time!


Recorded some important meetings on the free version. Bought the upgrade version to download the recording and the two wont communicate with each other. Keeps telling me to upgrade and the upgrade doesnt haven recordings. Save your money and frustration levels!

Dont upgrade!!! Horrible.

Same issues as others. Upgraded version wont communicate with free version and now I cant get the recording I need out of the free version. So I upgraded for nothing and am screwed because I cant re-record this audio file. Horrible!!

Stupid app!

Same problem as everyone. I cant get my recording on the free app to transfer to the paid app! I give ZERO stars!!!

Attention Musicians: Elegant Efficient Effective

I am an amateur pianist utilizing VoiceRecorder for routine self assessment. I have been testing apps for years. Although this app was touted to be a voice recorder, it utilizes the same excellent d-a converter imbedded in the iphone 6 that any instrumental recording app would use but without the cluttered functionality that many include to compete in the apps market. It provides single tract, push button, unlimited recording with 3 levels of quality just in case you want to capture a good moment. Coupled with an inexpensive iRig microphone, this provides the ideal companion to the serious solo musician....and its free.

Saving the File

I would like to send the file via message or Facebook messenger. I would more flexibility.

Bad contact

The recording was pretty good. Of course to share it you need pro version. Unfortunately, the pro version is a whole new download instead of an upgrade, so the recording is useless. Tried to contact, but have to copy the captsha which was a blank box. So no contact. Not very professional.

Not bad

Good sound recording, but cant save. Drop box does not work, files too big for email.

Good quality

I am using it on my iPhone and iPad and seems to work well. I usually send the file in Google drive, and that tends to work well. However, the trimming portion is hard; the audio editing ability goes to the edge of the screen and you cannot be precise, even if you turn the device sideways.

So so

I downloaded the free app Made my recordings and then proceeded to send the recordings. They dont. So I downloaded the upgrade, paid the money Yada yada... Well the recordings dont transfer still as the upgrade isnt the app I made my recordings on. Disappointed, time wasted, and why dont they fix this ? Simple issue I would assume to fix. Now Ive made a new recording on the upgraded app, still cant send it as it doesnt seem to exist when I look at " recordings", its been copied however it doesnt show up. Can you say sucky?

Waste of money

I only paid for it so that I could send the files I recorded from the free version to my Dropbox account. The paid version is a separate download and the files dont transfer over. What a waste of money.

Big waste of time and money

As everyone else is saying, big waste of time and money. We upgraded to Pro to share our recordings but Pro is a separate download with no access to the recordings we want to share. Big waste of time and money, very unprofessional.


My fav one

Audio recorded

Voice recorder goes exactly what I wanted to do. It works without a hitch. I have a recommended.


When I pay for something I don’t expect to have to keep rating it. This is very annoying.


The app crashes when I select upload to cloud; I paid $3.99 to stop the nag screens, and STILL after every action, I'm being nagged to rate the app. So far, no I do not like it and I'm sorry I wasted $4.

It’s good but there could be improvements.

It a good recorder but I wish it was accessible in my control center and that it is compatible with GoodNotes.

Love it!

Great app! Love the quality of the recordings. Even when I thought it was going to be horrible I was surprised.

Every effing time

Seems great but I have now been interrupted 3x in my first 5 minutes after purchase with a pop up rating request that I keep saying ‘not now’ on, from the app maker. Po’d after just having spent the money.

High Quality

Easy to use. High quality recording.

I will rate 5 if there is different speed setting

Different speed setting! But other than that this is helping me get 4.0 GPA


Can’t record phone conversation

No one likes an insecure app

Hopefully it will stop asking me to submit a rating.

Won’t play on Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

Even though my iPhone 7 is connected, the voice memo playback will not play through a Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker. My Music plays fine though the speaker.

Do not upgrade this app!

Having spent an hour recording a presentation I was annoyed I had to pay for an upgrade to be able to send the recording. However having already spent an hour decided to upgrade but then found that the export to ITunes doesn’t work! The vendor can not be trusted.

It’s okay

My head phones don’t control the pause, and the slow button makes the recording person sound like a super slow cartoon - needs a slow that is between this and regular speed. Need to move the pause button away from the edit button, because once you hit edit and back out- your recording is back to zero.


This is the best app I’ve found for my specific use case, which is playing back voice recordings. I only wish there was an option to advance automatically from one recording to the next.

No sound output

No sound output

It’s really a five star

But they kept bugging me to give them a rating


I would like to be able to rename the recordings

Doesn't work with my Irig

It used to work but an update broke it

Files can’t be retrieved from the phone

DO NOT USE THIS APP. It is no longer possible to get recordings off the phone via iTunes, even in the paid version. The only way to access your recordings is to manually back up your phone, and then use a paid third-party app (like iPhone Backup Extractor) to extract the recordings from the local backup. This is a ridiculously convoluted way of doing it—for all practical purposes, this is now a useless app. I contacted the developers about this and they never replied, even though I had upgraded to the paid version of the app. I will never trust this company again, and I strongly recommend avoiding their products.

Lost Files

Lost two very important files trying to use this app. Not worth the headache or stress.

I finally found the best choice with this app!

I love this app! Best ever. Paying the extra for to obtain the full benefits was totally worth it. I love the most the option the continue recording on an existing .wav file. Also- on my laptop anyway, I had no issues converting it into other forms (mainly, Mp3 for a class project). Very convenient app!


App not working with dropbox as expected.

Good, but not great

Perfect for recording conversations in person... but it needs an interface to record phone conversations (automatically, without needing to merge calls). That would make this app better than the rest and earn a 5th star from me!

Can't record phone/skype/audio

Bought this thinking it could record via microphone/calls but it doesn't work. Bummed.


I've set up a professional recording studio in my house and this is my go to recorder. :-) Not really, but this app is really good and works just like it says. Worth the money.

Great app

Had medical appointments that I needed recorded Too much info to write down. The recorder was dependable reliable and easy to use. Highly recommend.

Effective and convenient

Great for a journalist doing interviews on the fly and for sharing audio files. Very efficient. Worth the price for sure!

Not clear enough

The instructions were a little tough for me. However I'm not as tech savvy as most. Otherwise, great app.

Voice Recorder right on time

The voice recorder app was there at my fingertips; I don't have to buy a $100.00 digital recorder

Love it. Simple, fast, easy to use. Best one I've found.

Love it. Simple, fast, easy to use. Best one I've found.

Audio Quality

The sound is crystal clear. I am very impressed. I have figure out how to change the names of the recordings. Then I will add the fifth star.


I got it on my iPod to make get audio for YouTube. It took my money out of I tunes then the app dosen't work. Can I please have my money back

This is my "musical notes recorder".

When I eat an idea on my guitar that I don't want to forget, this is how I save it. Perfect for that!

Great Recording App

Quality playback and far recording reach. Also the variety of sharing options makes this app very useful.


Just got this 3 was ago. Very pleased. User friendly. Not complicated at all.

Great sound, intuitive to use

Not quite as good quality as a dedicated recorder but it's a great fallback.


I can go to Dad's oncology meetings and send recording to family. Crisp recordings. Thank you.

High Quality recorder!!

Better than the rest. Many other recorders have a low bitrate and are prone to pause while recording, due to conflicts with other apps.

Quality is great, but interfaces with external accessories poorly

This could've have easily been five star app rating if I just interfaced with my blue microphone. Microphone was not a Bluetooth it was a heart connection through the lightning plug to increase quality . The other apps I've tried work perfectly with it.


Good quality sound.

Works for me

I needed a very basic voice recorder. And this app works great for me. No bugs so far

Amazing quality

For a phone app, the product does an amazing job of recording voice. It even sounds good played back through an amplified speaker. Highly recommended.


Zero stars would be the most appropriate for this app. After purchasing pro version they charged me $14 instead of shown price for this app that was around $4! Disgusting.


Very versatile. I use it for piano practice at sight reading: record one voice and then have to read and play the second part against the recorded one. It's like always having your teacher at home to sight read duets with. One suggestion: would like to be able to re-arrange the sequence of recordings. If I make a mistake and want to re-record the new recording will not be adjacent to other like recordings.

Fantastic but I have the darnedest time uploading

I am a jazz vocalist and I get the greatest sound files from this app but I continue to struggle getting the files transferred to my computer. Ugh. I keep hoping it gets fixed in the next upgrade.

Great to record meetings

Great app helpful recording meetings


Love this voice recorder. Has t failed me yet. SJ

Records well

I use it to record committee meetings. The sound quality is good and clear. Using the app I convert the file to MP3, upload to the cloud then download to my work PC and use Windows Media Player to transcribe. I like using it very much.

Very good


I love this so far


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